Putting consumers first. Easy to say, hard to do.

Everyone likes to say they put customers first. But it's not as easy as it sounds. Here's how we do it.
By Team member, 13/10/2017
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Since the inception of mandatory insurance of vehicle owners in 1930, and later the Road Traffic Act 1988, the car insurance market has been mostly stale. With most insurance being an annual investment, individuals would be covered for just the basic accident and theft.

Every person is typically forced into an annual policy as required by law, leaving little room for flexibility. The competition of the market also means that the needs of the customer can often be disregarded, with providers grabbing at the chance to offer you a one-time deal on your annual insurance with the hopes of locking you in for future renewals.

We think this results in a bad customer experience. It isn't always a product designed around offering you with a solution around your needs.

The car insurance market is flawed

Having to pay for a years' car insurance up front is often expensive and doesn't take into account the hundreds of hours you likely won't actually be driving the vehicle that you paid to be insured on. Sure, you can drive whenever you want. But it could be costing you hundreds of pounds every year if you barely drive your car. That's cash money which could otherwise be in your pocket!

Not only this, but the price you are told is often set based on the current market trends. Whereas the actual price you could get depends on you having the time and patience to haggle over the phone.

Most of us don't have the fortitude to hash it out with a salesperson for an hour or more. Nevermind trying to find time in the day to call them when most providers' opening hours are when you are already at work.

It's often painful navigating through an awkward menu system to get to the right department, only to be told you've dialed the wrong number or the office is closed. This is simply a bad experience for everyone, and it shouldn't be like this.

The truth is, with most car insurance providers, it's either their way or the highway.

We prefer to be closer to you, the customer

Most providers are so far away from their customers, they don't seem to understand how people use their cars and importantly, why. We have seen that the reasons our customers use Cuvva can often be unique.

Sometimes you need to borrow a friends car because yours is in the local garage. Other times, you need short-term cover to share the driving duty on a road-trip across the country. These situations become simple and painless, you just get Cuvva'd and go.

Because most providers don't offer this kind of flexible insurance, whenever renewal comes around, most customers leave their current provider to get the best price elsewhere or because of a poor customer experience.

We don't like keeping our customers on hold for hours on the phone, as not everyone has the time in their day. Instead, we offer direct support via our in-app chat, meaning you can drop us a message and get on with your day.

We have a typical response time in under 1 minute in between the hours of 6 am and midnight, 7 days a week. That means less time waiting around for solutions, and more time getting on with your day.

At Cuvva, we strive to understand what it is our customers need most. We try and figure out what doesn't work so well for customers in the current car insurance market and offer a completely different approach.

Together, we can change the way insurance works for good

By knowing more about what our customers need, we can expand our reach and innovate in new areas of the insurance market to be able to offer simple insurance products that aren't a pain to take out and have confusing pricing (we prefer to have very transparent pricing.

No more insurance products that fit the best interests of the provider, time for more insurance products that fit around you, the customer. So talk to us, and tell us what you want from your insurance provider - we'd love to know.

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