Save up to a third with Smart Pricing

Pay-monthly car insurance with better prices for better drivers.
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The better you drive, the less you pay

Save up to a third
Rewards for good driving
Pay monthly, no deposit
Fully comprehensive cover
Cancel for free
Stop at any time

Introducing Smart Pricing

Insurance pricing is usually based on just about everything except how you actually drive. It’s about time we did things differently.
Smart Pricing uses clever technology that’s already on your phone to give you a driving score and reward good drivers. Pretty incredible, right?
Cuvva Smart Price for Toyota Yaris

Rewarding good driving in 3 easy steps

Sign up to subscription
We'll give you 10% off to get you started.
Get a driving score
Learn how you're doing behind the wheel.
Save up to a third
Higher driving scores unlock bigger savings.
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Working out your driving score

We tell you exactly what we’re looking for. And we use your location and motion data to show you how you’re doing, help you drive safely and unlock the best savings.
We know bad days happen - that's why we only give you a Smart Price once you've driven 125 miles. The more you drive, the more reliable your score, and the more you could save.
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The 5 factors that make a good driver

Your driving score is based on how you perform against 5 factors.
How fast you drive, and whether you stick to the speed limit.
How quickly you stop, and if you give yourself enough time to slow down safely.
Whether or not you use your phone when driving.
How quickly and smoothly you turn.
How quickly and smoothly you set off.

Your data is secure

Your trust is important to us. We have an extensive privacy notice and we are always upfront about how we use your data. You have our word that we’ll never use it for anything other than working out your price and eligibility, and to support you if you need to make a claim.
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No black boxes in sight

black box insurance downsides vs cuvva smart pricing table

Smart Pricing for smart drivers

Good drivers save up to a third
Real-time insights into your driving
Uses less than 1% of your battery
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