Windscreen cover

Like most insurers, we include windscreen and glass cover on a monthly subscription.

What does windscreen insurance include?

The repair or replacement of your windscreen, or other glass panels on your vehicle. It can also cover any scratches to the bodywork of the car caused by the glass damage.

But it's important to read your policy documents first, because the level of cover can vary.

Repairs usually cost around £50, replacements £300

If you need to make a glass claim on your Cuvva policy, you'll only ever have to pay the excess. This is usually £25 for repairs, and £95 for replacements.

But again, make sure you check your policy documents - this can vary.

How to make a windscreen claim

You'll find a specific freephone number for glass claims in your policy documents.

If you need help finding your documents, just let our customer support team know in the app - we're available 24 hours a day.

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