Temporary car insurance: who we can cover

We try to offer temporary car insurance to as many people as possible. But we do have a few restrictions.


You have to meet certain age requirements to get short-term car insurance.

You have to be at least 19, and younger than 65.

And if you're younger than 21, you have to held your full licence for at least a year.

For learner drivers, the requirements are a little different. You have to be at least 17, and younger than 40. And you have to have held your provisional licence for less than 2 years.

Driving licence

You need to have a GB driving licence to buy short-term car insurance. Even if you're not a UK national. And you'll need to enter your driving licence details in the app when you sign up.


You can get temporary car insurance on cars and vans - with a few restrictions.

To insure a car, it needs to be:

  • Worth between £1 and £40,000
  • Less than 20 years old

And it can't be:

  • Modified
  • Scrapped
  • Impounded

Vans have to be:

  • Worth between £1 and £20,000
  • In an [insurance group](/insurance-groups) lower than 20

Depending on how long you've been driving, there might be some vehicles we can't cover you for. As a general rule, the faster and more expensive the car, the more experience you'll need to get a temporary car insurance policy.

The best way to check if we can cover you is to download the app and get a quote.

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