Vehicles that you can insure on a Cuvva subscription

You can get a Cuvva subscription on most UK-registered cars.

But there are some exceptions, and we can't insure other vehicle types (such as Vans, Motorbikes and Scooters) yet.

Just so you know, the rules can be a bit different for temporary insurance. Check out our temporary insurance vehicle requirements here.

Cars that we can insure

We can cover most cars that are:

  • In insurance group 50 or below
  • Less than 20 years old
  • Valued at £40,000 or less

This includes electric and hybrid vehicles.

Cars that we can't insure

Modified Vehicles

We define a modification as anything that's been changed on a vehicle after leaving the factory.

This includes:

  • Aftermarket Parts
  • Vinyl Wraps
  • Decals/Stickers
  • Engine Modifications
  • Vehicles that have been converted into pickup trucks, motor homes or camper vans

Commercial Vehicles

We can't cover cars that:

  • Have 7 seats or more
  • Are used for taxi services
  • Are on a fleet policy
  • Belong to a hire car company

Other Requirements

Even though we can insure most cars, we can't guarantee that every driver will be able to get a quote on every vehicle.

Some cars will need you to have held your licence for longer than others, or you may need a certain amount of no claims bonus (NCB) to insure it with us.

Check before you drive

Before you buy a policy, make sure that your vehicle meets these requirements.

If you use Cuvva on a vehicle which shouldn't have been insured with us, we might not be able to cover you again. And if you were involved in an accident, our underwriter wouldn't pay out any claims.

So if there's any doubt, you can use our free car checker to find out more about your vehicle.

And if you're still not sure, just contact our customer support team. They're on hand 24/7, with an average response time of 1 minute.

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