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How to report an incident?

Cuvva is the insurance broker, so we wouldn’t handle claims. For all claims issues, you’ll need to speak with the underwriter of your policy. You can find this on your policy documents, or if you’re unsure pop us a message in-app! 💬

Making a claim

020 3828 7127 is for Mulsanne, who are the underwriters for short-term motor and taxi.

0333 305 8120 is for First Underwriting, who underwriter learner cover.

020 3828 7184 is for AXA, who is the underwriter for our travel policies.

Helpful tips

For any motor policy, if significant damage has occurred or anyone has been injured, you should call the police. If the police do arrive, get the name and number of the police officer and take note of the crime reference number you are given.

Other things you can do:

  • Take pictures of the incident with your phone.
  • Record the names and contact details of those involved and any witnesses.
  • Even if you think it may have been your fault, we would suggest not making any admission of fault or apology at the scene.
Updated on April 8, 2019

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