Reporting an incident

Car insurance: reporting an incident

If you have an incident while driving with a Cuvva temporary car insurance policy, you'll have to contact the underwriter. This is because we're just the broker, and we can't handle any claims.

We work with different underwriters for different kinds of car insurance. For example, our temporary car insurance has a different underwriter to our learner driver insurance.

(This will apply to our monthly subscription car insurance, too.)

The contact details for the underwriter is included in our policy documents. You can also get in touch with us through the app, and we'll tell you who you need to contact.

If there's serious damage to the vehicle, or if someone's badly hurt, you should also call the police. When they arrive, ask for their name and number. They'll give you a crime reference number. You should make a note of that.

Medical emergencies

If you have a medical emergency, you should get in touch with the underwriter directly. Just like with our car insurance, you can find the underwriter's contact details in your policy documents. And if you're not sure who you need to contact, send us a message in the app. We'll help you figure it out.

If you have an incident while driving

If you have an incident while driving, it's worth:

  • Taking pictures of the incident with your phone.
  • Recording the names and contact details of the people involved - along with any witnesses
  • Not apologising or admitting it's your fault at the scene - even if you think it probably was your fault
(We'll do our best to keep these page up to date. But there's always the off-chance that something might slip through the cracks. So if you're ever in doubt about who you need to contact, get in touch through the app, and we'll put you in contact with the right people. 👍)

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