Why we ask for a photo of your vehicle

When you get a car insurance policy with Cuvva, we'll usually ask you for a picture of your vehicle. 🚗

Why we need a vehicle photo

We ask for a photo so that we can see the vehicle’s condition at the start of your policy.

That way, if you ever need to make a claim, we can show that any vehicle damage from the incident wasn’t already there before we covered you.

This helps us get the fairest possible outcome for you, and gives you peace of mind - even if you’re only getting insured for the hour.

How to take your vehicle photo

Here’s some things to look out for when taking your vehicle photo:

Your photo should show the full front of the car

Take your vehicle photo from in front of the car. We can’t accept photos taken from the back.

We’re looking to see the full condition of the car - so don’t stand too close, or zoom into the registration plate. Make sure the wheels, reg plate, wing mirrors, and windscreen are all in the shot, and that the bonnet is down.

The photo should be “live”

Use the camera in the app to take a photo directly of the vehicle. We can’t accept old photos, or a photo of the car on another screen.

That means that you’ll need to be with the car to buy a policy - there’s no way around this.

Make sure you have good lighting

Try to take a clear vehicle photo - it shouldn’t be too blurry, or too dark to see the car.

Even if it’s late at night, you should be able to get a clear photo. If you’re struggling to get good lighting, try turning on the dipped headlights, and the vehicle’s interior light.

Your account could be frozen if your photo isn’t clear enough

If you upload a photo that doesn’t meet our requirements, we’ll temporarily freeze your account.

That doesn’t mean we’d cancel your policy - you’d still be insured.

But you won’t be able to get another Cuvva policy until you send us a better photo. And if you did need to claim, it’d be harder for us to prove that the vehicle wasn’t damaged before we insured you.

And if it keeps happening, you might not be able to use Cuvva anymore.

24/7 customer support

If you have any questions, or need any help, just contact our customer support team. We’re available 24/7 in the app, or by email. And on average, we’ll get back to you in just 1 minute.

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