Cuvva is able to insure vans on a short-term basis, however, this is not currently an option with our subscription product. The cover for vans will work in the same way as our other short-term policies.

Reasons why you may be denied a quote in relation to past driving offences and incidents are as follows:
– you have 3 or more non-glass incidents, regardless of fault
– you have 4 or more glass incidents, regardless of fault
– you are under 21 years old with 1 or more at-fault incident
– your licence is denied
– you have too many points

We don’t currently offer insurance if:
– you hold a provisional licence
– the van is older than 20 years
– the van is valued at more than £20,000
– the van is in an insurance group higher than 20
– the van has modifications or has been scrapped
– the vehicle is a camper van or motorhome
– you do not meet our age requirements (19-65, although if you are younger than 21, you must have held your licence for at least a year)

Updated on January 4, 2019

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