How the owner's insurance is affected

When you buy temporary car insurance, the owner's insurance isn't affected. Even if you crash the car, they wouldn't have to pay more for their car insurance policy. This applies to learner drivers, too.

It also wouldn't affect their no-claims bonus, if they have one. 👍

But, even though you're legally allowed to insure a car you don't own, you should still ask the owner's permission before you do it.

Sharing your policy documents

It's also a good idea to send them the policy documents when you buy your temporary car insurance policy. That way, they'll know your insurance is fully comprehensive.

You can share your policy documents in the app when you buy your policy.

To do that, you need to buy your policy, and then open up the policy documents.

Tap the little green "Export" button in the bottom-right corner...

...And then you'll be able to send them to the owner.

We'll also send your policy documents by email. Feel free to forward them to the owner - or anyone else who needs a few details about the policy.

Some short-term car insurers won't cover you unless you have a specific relationship with the owner - and you have to prove that relationship exists - but Cuvva doesn't.

How short-term car insurance can affect the owner

There's no direct effect on the owner's car insurance when you take out short-term cover on their vehicle. But if you got into a scrape, it could be pretty inconvenient for them.

We don't offer courtesy cars, so if you crashed the vehicle and it had to be taken in for repairs, the owner would have to get by for a while without their car. 🚗

We also don't cover "legal expenses or uninsured loss recovery". Which basically means that, if you got stuck in an incident that wasn't your fault, they'd need to recover the costs from the third party driver themselves.

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