You can’t earn a no-claims bonus (NCB) on our temporary insurance policies

Insurers usually provide an NCB document when a driver has been insured for a year, without any at-fault or joint-fault claims.

Because our temporary insurance policies are a maximum of 28 days long, we can’t provide NCB documents - even if you have 12 consecutive months worth of temporary policies.

At the moment, you also can’t use your existing NCB to get a discount on our temporary cover.

Earn a no-claims bonus on our pay-monthly insurance

With a Cuvva pay-monthly subscription, you can earn one year’s NCB once you’ve been with us for 12 continuous months, as long as you’ve had no at-fault or joint-fault claims.

And if you’ve got an NCB document from a previous insurer, you’ll most likely get a discount on your policy.

You can find out more about earning a no-claims bonus with Cuvva on our website.

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