How your location affects your price

When you buy a temporary car insurance policy with Cuvva, one of the things we use to work out your price is your location when you buy the policy.

That means, to buy a policy with Cuvva, you need to give the app access to your location.

Your location affects your price

We use your location when you start the policy to figure out the price of your short-term car insurance policy.

Sometimes it will make your policy more expensive - especially if you're driving in a busy city - and sometimes it will be cheaper - usually if you're driving in the country.

Using postcode information to figure out your quote is pretty standard in insurance. Insurers are looking at things like:

  • The number of people in the area
  • How much traffic there is
  • Crime rates
  • Number of claims
  • How many crashes tend to happen
  • Road systems (roundabouts, junctions and cycle lanes tend to be a bit riskier)

Choosing location permissions in the app

As you get your quote, you'll get to a screen that asks for access to your location/

Tap the green button to give Cuvva access to your location and carry on getting a quote. If you say no by accident, you'll get the same question again the next time you go that screen.

Adding a residential address

You can use the "Edit account" section in the main menu to tell us where you live.

Just tap the profile icon in the top-left, tap "Edit account", and then scroll down to "Residential address".

Tap "Residential address, and you'll be able to add your address.

Bear in mind that even if you tell us your residential address, we'll still need access to your location when you buy a temporary car insurance policy. 🚗

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