How much can be claimed in a medical emergency?

It’s really important for you to know how much can be claimed if something doesn’t go to plan.

We will pay you:

  • Up to £5,000,000 for unexpected injury due to an accident, illness, disease and/or compulsory quarantine
  • Up to £250 for emergency dental treatment for the immediate relief of pain
  • £30 a day (up to £300) for each day you spend in a hospital

This would not cover any claim caused by a sport, activity or the equipment of a sport that isn’t shown in your policy’s list of covered activities. An example would be taking part in Winter Sports, without having purchased the Winter Sports upgrade.

The policy would also not cover the costs of treatment or surgery which can be delayed until your return home. This opinion can be made either by an Emergency Medical Assistance Service or us. You would also not be covered for any claim where you have incorrectly answered the medical screening question when initially purchasing a policy .


Updated on February 19, 2019

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