Cancelling a travel insurance policy

You can cancel this policy at any time. Just contact Cuvva from your account in the app (or by emailing, if you'd like to cancel.

If you cancel before the day of departure (and you haven't claimed or travelled), you'll get a pro rata refund on the cost of your cancellation cover. The remainder of the policy will also be fully refunded (the baggage and medical proportion).

If you have already departed or claimed, no refund is available.

If there are unused travel or accommodation costs that are not recoverable, we will pay up to the amount shown in your policy schedule. We will also cover other prepaid costs if you need to cancel or cut short your trip just as long as it is for a reason listed in the policy wording.

If it seems there was information known to you before you purchased which could likely lead to cancellation or cutting your trip short, this would not be covered.

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