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Declared incidents and claims

In order to complete your profile, we require you to declare all incidents that you have been involved in within the last 5 years. This may not only be when you were the driver; we also require information on any incidents that may appear on your record, be it as the driver, the passenger or as a named driver.

We need to know when the incident took place and what happened, who was at fault, whether anyone was injured and how much was claimed by either party. If any at-fault incidents are not declared from the outset, our underwriter may not allow policies to be purchased, particularly if the incident took place in the last year, as this is strong indicator of fraud. It is, therefore, highly recommended to inform us of any previous incidents in app, just to be on the safe side!

You will not be able to purchase a policy with us if:

– you have 3 or more non-glass incidents, regardless of fault
– you have 4 or more glass incidents, regardless of fault
– you are under 21 years old with 1 or more at-fault incident
– your licence is denied
– you have too many points

Updated on February 15, 2018

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