Why can't I get a quote?

There are a few reasons why we may not be able to offer you insurance at the moment. Due to the fact that mobile car insurance is such a new concept, we have a lot of restrictions set in place by the underwriters of the policy. Along with age restrictions, there are also limitations set on which vehicles you may insure yourself on due to how long you have held your licence and other factors.

Age restrictions

  • Learner driver insurance: 17-45
  • Short-term (full licence): 19-65 (but you must have held your licence for at least a year if you are under 21)

Vehicle restrictions

We can only cover cars up to a certain value:

  • Short-term: £0-£40,000 (or up to £20,000 for vans)
  • Subscription: £5,000-£75,000

And we can't insure vehicles that are:

  • Modified
  • Scrapped or impounded
  • Rental cars
  • Company/business vehicles
  • Older than 15 years (or up to 20 years for vans)

Each underwriter will also categorise vehicles into a specific insurance group - if your vehicle falls into a group, outside our restrictions, we must adhere to the rules provided.


If within the last 5 years, any of the following applies, then we will not be able to offer a policy to that customer:

  • 3 or more non-glass incidents, regardless of fault
  • 4 or more glass incidents, regardless of fault
  • Under 21 years old with 1 or more at-fault incident

Other restrictions

  • too many points on your licence
  • licence denied

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