Cancel your monthly subscription

We've created a new kind of flexible monthly car insurance.

No interest, no deposit, and no credit agreements. Just simple monthly payments. And you can pause or cancel your subscription whenever you like.

How to cancel your subscription

To cancel your Cuvva subscription, just chat to us in the app.

Our customer support team will give you two options. You can either:

  • Turn off your subscription. This will mean you can still finish your current monthly policy, it just won't renew once it's finished.
  • Cancel your policy, ending the cover immediately.


We won't be able to refund for any leftover time on your current monthly policy. That's because of the short-term nature of our monthly insurance.

But if you want to cancel a policy that hasn't started yet, or if we've already taken payment for your next month of insurance, we'll give you a full refund.

Cancelling your insurance after a claim

Most insurers will allow you to cancel your yearly car insurance, even if you've already had a claim on the policy.

But if you've paid for the whole year, they won't give you a refund for any remaining time. And if you pay monthly, you may have to pay off your full balance when you cancel.

With a Cuvva subscription, each subscription month is a separate policy.

So there's no yearly commitment. And even if you've claimed, you'll still be able to cancel at the end of the month with no fees.

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