Can someone else pay for my Cuvva subscription?

Previously, you could only use your own card to buy a Cuvva policy.

But we understand that there can be times where you might need to use a friend or family member's card to pay for your subscription.

So now you can use someone else's card - as long as you have their permission.

You should also know that the cardholder may have to be present when you buy your subscription, because they may need to verify the payment with their bank (3DS).

We still think it's best to pay for a Cuvva subscription with your own UK debit card, if you can. We take subscription payments automatically each month, so it just makes more sense to have full control of the bank account and card that's being used.

If you have any questions about this, our customer support team are on hand 6am to 1am, with an average response time of 1 minute.

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