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How can I cancel?

There are currently two options for bringing your Cuvva subscription policy to an end. Each is outlined below in detail in order that you can make an informed decision:

  1. Ending your subscription at the end of the current cycle
    We attempt to take a payment for your next cycle, 5 days before the current one comes to an end. This can take place automatically if your ‘recurring billing’ is turned on so, by turning this off in-app, this will precent a further payment being taken. Your subscription will then lapse at the end of the cycle. If your next cycle is due to renew in less than 5 days and you turn recurring billing back on, you’ll automatically be charged. This is your way of informing us whether you would like your subscription to go on to the next cycle. Don’t forget – if our attempted payment fails 5 days before your policy comes to an end, we will contact you confirming this has taken place. We then require you to switch on ‘recurring billing’ in the app in order to trigger a further payment attempt. Without doing so in those 5 days, your subscription will come to an end so it’s really important to remember this if you’re trying to build up a No Claims Bonus.
  2. Terminate Immediately
    If you would like your policy to be cancelled with immediate effect, without waiting for this cycle to come to an end, this can also be actioned within the app.
    While this initiates an ‘early end’ for the policy, we cannot provide a refund for the remainder of the policy.

Updated on February 22, 2018

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