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Can I cancel or get a refund?

As a provider of short term car insurance, Cuvva and its underwriters are under no obligations to offer refunds (ICOBS 7.1.3  if you are interested). When you purchase a policy from us, we:

  • Pay a fee to check Claims and Underwriters Exchange (CUE) to ensure that your declared claims/incidents history matches the insurer database
  • Pay Stripe (payment provider) for administering the payment
  • Issue a certificate of motor insurance on behalf of the underwriter
  • Add your VRM to the MID

Many of these processes cost time and money, so, given the short-term nature of the policies, a refund is an added cost. It is, however, always possible to cancel a policy if you wish to do so. You just need to contact us in-app or by email, indicating you would like to cancel the policy, and we can take the necessary steps from there!

N.B. If you have active insurance on a vehicle you have sold, we would recommend that you cancel your cover immediately. If a claim were to come in from the new owner, this could end up as a claim against your insurance!

Updated on March 13, 2018

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