Cancellations and refunds

We can always cancel your policy, free of charge

If you’ve sold the car you’ve insured with us, or just don’t need to be covered anymore, we can cancel your policy at any time.

Just chat to our customer support team. They’re available 24/7 in the app with an average response time of just 1 minute.

Whether it’s a temporary or pay-monthly policy, we’ll never charge you an admin fee if you want to end your policy early.

Why we don’t do refunds

We can't give a refund for any remaining time on an active policy.

When you buy insurance with us, we do some things behind the scenes which take time (and money) that we can’t get back. These include:

Just so you know, an “active policy” refers to any Cuvva policy that’s already running.

We can refund insurance policies that haven't started yet

If you want to cancel a policy extension or a pay-monthly subscription that hasn’t started yet, we should be able to help with that.

We’re authorised and regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority)

Our cancellations policy is in line with their rules, and also outlined in our terms and conditions.

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