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A flexible approach to car insurance

Cuvva subscription is tailored to your usage so you could save.

No long term contract

No long-term contract

You’re not locked in for a year and can leave at any time.

No large upfront payment

No large upfront payment

We don’t require any hefty payments, our pricing is transparent and upfront.

No cancellation fees

No cancellation fees

Unlike others, we don’t charge any hidden fees if you decide to cancel.

Why pay for someone else’s insurance?

With traditional insurance policies, low mileage drivers usually end up paying a similar premium to someone who drives a lot. What usually happens is those who drive the least end up subsidizing those who drive the most.

We don’t think this is fair which is why we built Cuvva subscription.

Why pay for someone elses insurance
drive less, pay less

Drive less, pay less

The risk is different when you’re driving vs. when you’re not driving so the premium you pay should be different too. The subscription is designed as a flexible way to insure your car so you don’t just pay a flat rate.

How much you pay each month depends on how much you drive. The less you drive, the less you pay.

Low underlying subscription when parked

The underlying subscription provides fully comprehensive insurance on the car whilst it’s parked and unattended. The car is fully covered against any accidental damaged, fire, theft and vandalism.

The subscription renews every 28-days and you’ll earn a no-claims bonus if you stay subscribed for a full year with no claims. This will help further reduce your premiums!

iPhone hourly
Simply top-up when you want to drive

Simply top-up when you want to drive

Whenever you want to drive, you can buy additional comprehensive driving cover. Buying driving policies is easy, all done through the app and only takes seconds. You can either buy cover for 1 hour or all day. There is a daily cap, so it will never cost more than the equivalent of a 3 hour policy.

It’s important to note that once purchased, driving policies can’t be paused or cancelled.

Who we cover

Cuvva subscription is available to drivers between 21-75 years old who hold a full UK licence issued by the DVLA. We can insure cars that are 15 years old or less and are valued between £5,000 – £75,000. There are other requirements, although, if you pass those two requirements it’s worth trying to get a quote in our app.

Watch how our subscription works

Why subscription?

We invented subscription car insurance because we wanted to bring a new form of pay-as-you-go car insurance to the market. When you get a quote from a car insurer, they will assess the likelihood of an incident involving your car when it is parked and the direct and indirect costs associated with that. They will then use their actuarial tables and risk profiling assumptions to estimate the likelihood of someone of your age, from your area, driving a car in your insurance group making a claim and the cost of that claim (based on some broad mileage assumptions). This makes sense, except it doesn’t! One of the key determinants of risk is how much you drive and the roads you drive on. By segmenting the 2 risks, we can offer better pricing if you need a car, but spend little time driving.

Pay for your car whilst it’s parked

Every month (28 days), you pay a fixed amount for your car to be comprehensively insured whilst it is parked. This will cost between £17 and £50 depending on your personal circumstances.

Top up when you want to drive

When you plan to drive, simply open the app and either get covered for an hour or all day. It only takes four taps and enables you to pay-as-you-drive.

Perfect for

Infrequent driver

If you drive less, we think it’s only fair you should pay less. For those who only drive a couple of hours a week.

2nd car owner

Cuvva your second car whilst it’s parked then pay a few pounds when you need to drive.

Weekend driver

Flexible insurance for those who commute during the week and drive at the weekend.

Layup insurance

Thinking about declaring your vehicle off the road? Cuvva may be the cheapest SORN Insurance option.

What our customers love


What a fantastic app and company to use. Cuvva have made something that used to use up a fair amount of time and effort into something so simple! Once set up on the app it actually takes 30 seconds to be insured!


Easy to use and gives peace of mind. My husband could borrow my friend’s car for a couple of hours work – no hassle whatsoever.


The whole concept behind Cuvva changes the rules on car insurance and creates a genuinely useful and innovative way to think about driving. I would recommend the app without any hesitation.


Frequently asked questions

Who can we cover?

We have worked hard with our underwriter to offer insurance to as many people as possible. Our subscription product is currently available to full licence holders between 21-75.

We only offer cover to holders of UK DVLA licences, on cars valued between £5,000 – £75,000 and up to insurance group 40 for experienced drivers.

The vehicle cannot be scrapped, impounded or modified and it must also be predominantly stored at a location within a few miles radius of the residential address.

What do you need to purchase insurance?

To purchase temporary car insurance through Cuvva, you will need to download our app on your phone. To register, you will need to have:

  • A photo of government approved photo ID (typically, this will either be your passport or your Driving Licence)
  • A UK DVLA driving licence number (we use this to check whether you have any motoring convictions and to verify the name, address and date of birth)
  • Your own UK debit/credit card to make the payment
  • Declared all incidents (at fault/not at fault) that you have been involved, as a driver, passenger or named driver, in the last 5 years.
  • Been a resident in the UK for the past 3 years or have been a long-term resident within the last 5 years who’s back visiting the UK on temporary car insurance

How do you get a quote and make a purchase?

Once registered in the Cuvva app, getting a quote takes seconds. Simply enter the number plate of your car, provide your occupation, information about where the car is parked overnight and you can generate a quote instantly. It is possible to select a date in the future for the underlying subscription to commence. When looking to purchase additional driving cover, there are currently two options - 1-hour and ‘all day’:

  • An all day policy is capped at the equivalent cost of three x 1-hour policies.
  • If you buy a 1-hour policy and then an all day policy, the all day policy will be equivalent in cost to 2 x 1-hour policies - because the original 1-hour policy is deducted for the all day price
  • If it's past 11pm, you can no longer buy a ‘rest of the day’ policy - only a 1 hour policy (to take you over midnight, into the following day)
What affects the cost of insuring the car when it is parked?

The most significant insurance risk associated with your car whilst parked is theft, but statistically theft only accounts for 2% of all claim costs. So, theoretically you might expect that the cost of insuring the car whilst parked would be a similar percentage of the total cost of insurance each year. Sadly, that’s not the case as there are some fairly significant fixed and variable costs associated with the sale of each insurance policy. Those still have to be covered whether you drive 1 hour or 40 hours per month.

What happens if you run out of time or battery?

Don’t worry! You can extend your policy in the app in a couple of clicks. We would, however, recommend you give yourself some leeway and don’t have any last minute panics with no phone battery. You should not, under any circumstances, drive without insurance.

Can someone else use your Cuvva account?

The simple answer is 'No'. Given the app is downloaded on your phone, linked to your own personal debit/credit card and with all policies in your name, your account cannot be used by anyone else for purchasing insurance. They just need to download the app from their own device, complete a profile and can then starting using Cuvva. Short-term policies are also associated with one vehicle and cannot be transferred over, mid-policy. If you think you may be switching, we would recommend buying a few short-term policies.

Can you use Cuvva abroad?

The Cuvva app only currently functions in the UK, given your location is a factor in our insurance policies. While you can only purchase policies in the UK, it is still possible to transport a car to the continent.  We can, however, only offer very minimal 3rd party cover aboard (as required by EU law) so if you have an incident, we would be able to do very little to help and recovering your card would be your responsibility.

What can't you use Cuvva for?

  • Insuring rental cars
  • Releasing a car from the pound or getting road tax
  • Driving outside the UK
  • Racetrack days

How do you cancel a policy?

There are currently two options for bringing your Cuvva subscription policy to an end:


  • Ending your subscription at the end of the cycle

    We attempt to take payment for the upcoming cycle, 5 days before the current cycle comes to an end. This can take place automatically if your ‘recurring billing’ is turned on so, by turning this off in-app, we will not take a further payment and your subscription will lapse at the end of the cycle. If your next cycle is due to renew in less than 5 days and you turn recurring billing back on, you’ll automatically be charged. This is your way of informing us whether you would like your subscription to go on to the next cycle.It’s really important to turn ‘recurring billing’ back on in the app in order to trigger a further payment attempt and continue your subscription.


  • Terminate Immediately

    If you would like your policy to be cancelled with immediate effect, without waiting for this cycle to come to an end, this can also be actioned within the app by indicating you would lie to ‘terminate immediately’. While this initiates an ‘early end’ for the policy, we cannot provide a refund for the remainder of the policy.

What do you do if you have an incident?

All claims are handled by the Underwriter, so you should call them as soon as possible. Mulsanne: +442038287127 Collingwood: +442038287128

If significant damage has occurred or anyone has been injured, you should call the police.

If the police do arrive, get the name and number of the police office and take note of the crime reference number you are given.

Other things you can do:

- Take pictures of the incident with your phone.

- Record the names and contact details of those involved and any witnesses.

- Even if you think it may have been your fault, we would recommend not making any admission of fault or apology at the scene.

Contacting support

If you have a problem using the app or purchasing insurance and you would like to speak to us, the easiest way to do so is using our online chat function. This can be done in app, on the website (using the speech bubble) or by emailing On average, we will get back to you within 2 minutes!

Claims Underwriter's Exchange (CUE)

Once you’ve selected the policy you would like, we have to check the CUE database before you can make a purchase. This holds a log of all incidents and claims within the past 5 years involving cars, vans and motorbikes/scooters.

If your declarations do not match CUE your purchase will fail. It is therefore very important to declare any incidents from within the past 5 years, both at fault and not at fault, and as the driver, passenger or named driver.  By not declaring these, you may not be able to purchase with Cuvva for a number of months.

Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE)

In 2011, the government introduced the Continuous Insurance Enforcement rules. These stated a requirement for a car to either be registered with aStatutory Off Road Notification with the DVLA or to have valid motor insurance. If you get caught driving without insurance, your car will likely be impounded as the police’s ANPR systems will automatically alert them if you are driving without insurance.