This is Cuvva – welcome all!

Hello, people. Welcome to the Cuvva blog! This is where you’ll find interesting stuff about….well….whatever we happen to be talking about at Cuvva HQ that week – anything from fun facts that we thought you might find interesting, to industry updates and news about what’s going on Britain’s roads. We’ll even let you in on some of the goings on here at the Cuvva office.

Who is this?

My name is Freddy – I probably should have mentioned that earlier. I started Cuvva, and I’ll be one of the contributors to the blog, along with pretty much everyone in the office (they wouldn’t let me do it all myself…).

What is Cuvva?

Cuvva is a solution to a problem we’ve all faced: you want to drive your friend’s car, but you aren’t insured on it. You’re an excellent driver, you’ve had a licence for years and you’ve driven this type of car hundreds of times, but the one the thing standing in your way is the insurance. Maybe your friend is injured or unwell or really tired and just wants you to take the wheel, but of course you can’t. Well, actually you can. With just a few taps on your smartphone, Cuvva allows you to be insured for only as long as you need – 2 hours, the afternoon, the day, whatever.

Why the blog?

Good question. The main answer is that we talk about a lot of stuff in the Cuvva office – and I mean a lot of stuff. Debates here have got so heated that we even have a time-out corner. But occasionally the conversation turns out to be pretty interesting, so I thought it would be good to have a place where the Cuvva team can post articles that the wider Cuvva community would get a kick out of. Maybe I’ve opened a can of worms, but we’ll see…

So, what now?

Have a read and enjoy! Feel free to comment on anything that takes your fancy. Cuvva is about sharing, so don’t be afraid to share your thoughts with us.

All good?