Subscription v1 is being retired

Subscription v1 is being retired

(Cuvva Subscription is no more. But we’re working on an even better version. It’s a subscription-style pay-monthly car insurance that you can cancel anytime without having to pay any fees. Plus, there’s no deposit, no hidden fees, and no APR. Interested? Sign up for the waitlist.)

When we launched the subscription a year ago, we set out to experiment with a new kind of car insurance, designed for people with their own car who don’t use it often (but still want to keep it!) The result was our subscription product: usage-based insurance consisting of an underlying policy that insured against damage and theft while the car was parked and unattended, and fairly-priced driving “top-ups” that added fully-comp cover for driving.

The subscription was (and, to our knowledge, still is) the only product of its kind in the world. It works incredibly well for many of our customers, and – like our short-term cover – has been widely recognised as a significant improvement to the experience of buying and maintaining motor insurance.

There were lots of challenges in communicating and administering the product, many of which we solved over time, however some – particularly around misuse of the product – have proven difficult to manage. We still believe in the fundamental principle that if you drive less, you should pay less, but we know that the current implementation of the product isn’t quite right yet.

We have learned a huge amount over the last year, but it’s now time to bring the existing subscription product to an end and focus our efforts on redesigning it into something much better. We have a pretty good idea of what this will look like, but it needs a bit of time to get there. Keep an eye out: we’ll be talking more about this later in the year.

If you’re an existing customer: we will be reaching out by email shortly to keep you in-the-loop. Read on to find out more about the key things that will be happening over the next few weeks:

If you’ve had an active subscription for a while and are coming to the end of your 13 billing cycles: we will be bringing renewals to an end soon, meaning that – depending on the exact timing – we may not offer to continue your subscription after the end of your 13th cycle. We will email you and let you know exactly what will happen, and what options you have. All NCBs will still be issued as normal.

If you currently have a subscription: don’t worry – your subscription isn’t going anywhere! It will continue to recur as normal every 28 days, until you’ve completed the full 13 billing cycles. However, after the 13th cycle, your subscription will come to an end and will not be renewed. All NCBs will still be issued as normal.

If your subscription lapses: unfortunately it will not be possible to re-start it. If there are ever any problems with your 28-daily recurrence, you will be emailed with 5 days’ notice to resolve the issue. After 5 days, your subscription will lapse. If you’re having trouble, please get in touch immediately and we’ll be happy to help.

If you’re thinking about setting up a new subscription: if you’ve already updated the app, unfortunately you’re too late. It’s going to be a little while until v2 is available, but trust us, it’ll be worth the wait!

If you have any other questions or concerns: please chat with us in the app, or email You can contact us from the chat system on this website, but we won’t be able to see any details about your account.