Subscription car insurance - the restrictions have dropped

Subscription car insurance - the restrictions have dropped

Update: Sadly, Cuvva Subscription is no more. But we’re working on something big to replace it. Something even better. It’s a pay-monthly, subscription-style car insurance with no deposit, no interest, and fee-free cancellations. You can sign up for the waitlist now, and you’ll be the first to know when it’s live.

Five weeks ago we launched the beta of the subscription product. The reason for the beta is so we can onboard a small group of users, gather feedback and begin improving everything – from the onboarding process to how you buy a policy.

Up until now, one of the biggest hurdles with the beta has been the underwriting restrictions, which meant we could only insure a small group of people. These restrictions were put in place by our underwriter because they can’t just insure everyone, particularly when launching a new product. They need to build slowly in order to better understand who the customers are and also to make sure the product itself works!

Earlier this week we had a meeting with our underwriter and they have decided to relax or completely remove a lot of these restrictions. Below are some of the big changes that will happen as of the 1st of May:

  • Fewer restrictions on occupation.
  • We couldn’t insure certain postcodes. This has been lifted and we can insure every postcode except Bradford (Sorry Bradford 😞).

This is a huge win and means we will now be able to quote around 70% more people! 🎉

We’re still continuing with the Beta for a bit longer while we continue to collect more feedback in order to continue improving the product for you.

If you want to join the beta then head to the app to get a subscription quote.