Seasonal Support

Seasonal Support

While many companies are winding down towards the end of December, choosing to tie things up until the new year, Cuvva are doing quite the opposite.

We know that a large proportion of the country are on the move during the festive period, and the option to make some last minute travel decisions is welcomed. 🚗 Relatives, houseguests or neighbours may need to borrow a car for last minute present shopping or could even decide to take a road-trip across the country to spend Boxing Day with the in-laws. 

Equally, there are many throughout the country who don’t celebrate Christmas and would like to have the freedom to make travel decisions without being affected by holiday closures and delays. We are adamant there should be no barriers to anyone using the Cuvva app with ease, no matter when they chose to do so. 

Maintaining support 24/7, 365 days a year

For us, it’s incredibly important that every customer receives the same level of support regardless of when they contact us. This is arguably even more important over what is deemed by most to be ‘the holiday period’. 

We don’t, however, want our Customer Operations team to return to the office in January, frazzled, having worked tirelessly during a particularly busy spell. So, how do we give the whole company a well-deserved break, to spend time with family and friends, as well as maintaining a 2 minute response time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year? Surely impossible?  

Not if the whole company support our customers over the holiday season! 🎄

The importance of Customer Operations

Everyone that joins Cuvva is trained in supporting our customers to be sure we all have a clear understanding of the sorts of problems they face on a daily basis. (We also love it when the engineers jump on as they often make tweaks to automate or speed up our daily processes!) On an annual basis, everyone has at least 15 hours of training to maintain a high level of industry and technical knowledge as well as an understanding of how to communicate with different customers. This means everyone on the wider team can help.

As our office is going to be closed for 11 days for the holidays, we were keen to ensure that those who wanted to work, could! The whole Cuvva team were given the option of signing up for a remote support shift during this time, in exchange for an extra day of annual leave elsewhere in the year. This means we can maintain a great level of support for our customers, and there is no need for the team to use up precious holiday over Christmas. Everyone’s happy! 👍🏻

So from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day, it may not be a seasoned COp (Customer Operations team member) you’re speaking to but another member of the wider team.

The Christmas schedule

To achieve strong, consistent coverage, we’ve put together a triaging schedule to ensure we’re available to assist all of our customers with any issue. This means those who don’t speak to customers every day have the opportunity to provide assistance and knowledge on aspects of the product they are familiar with but to pass on anything they can’t confidently resolve.

This won’t, however, mean you have to wait for hours if something is reassigned – senior and seasoned members of the COps team are still on hand to help throughout the day. You may find yourself speaking to the Head of Finance at 6am on Christmas Day or a Senior Backend Engineer at 11pm on New Year’s Eve. 🎇 Regardless of who you speak to, we are confident that you will receive a timely, personable and clear response to any question you pose to us.  

As always, feel free to get in touch anytime, day or night, and one of our team will be happy to help! 😀