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Cuvva flexi is nearly ready. Here's what you need to know.
By Team member, 01/12/2016
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Update: This article is out of date. Flexi is no more. But we're building something bigger and better. It's a pay-monthly car insurance product with no hidden fees, no deposit and no interest. Sign up for the waitlist now, and you'll be the first to know when it's ready.

We've been fairly quiet on our blog recently as we've had our heads down, building our new car insurance product Cuvva Flexi (now being revamped as as monthly subscription). We have got to say we are incredibly proud of what we have made and we are really excited to show it to the world. There's still plenty more to do but after months of work, it's almost ready!

Here's what it will look like to get insured in 60 seconds

More frequent updates

As well as launching our new product, we want to be really open and transparent about everything we do as a company. Part of that commitment will involve updating you here on a regular basis, to keep you and the rest of the community updated.

Flexi will enable infrequent drivers to pay only for cover as and when they need it. It will be one of the first major steps to freeing people up from the rigid structure of the car insurance system, letting you take back control of your life.

Updated Flexi timeline

We were aiming to launch a closed beta for a small exclusive group of users within the first few weeks of December although now it's beginning to look like it will roll over to sometime early January. Building a new category of car insurance takes time and there are always bound to be delays, currently, there are two issues which have taken longer than expected... .

Firstly, we have a few more app optimisations to be made and making sure all of our technology integrates seamlessly with our underwriter's systems. We're on target to have this all completed within the next couple of weeks provided James, George, and Hovik (our engineers) don't watch too much South Park.

Secondly, we need to iron out all of the finer legal details with the underwriters who will be providing the insurance for Flexi. Insurance moves really slowly and until it's signed off, we can't start selling Flexi policies.

The process is pretty lengthy and involves a lot of going back and forth, but it's important to do so that we get it right. Thankfully, we're now at a stage where we could start selling Flexi policies within the next few weeks. However, if there are any other changes to be made and further negotiations need to be had then it could push the beta launch back to around January.

While we're in this period we just want to thank everyone who wants to join the Flexi closed Beta and thanks so much for bearing with us. We're working to get this live ASAP!

What's next?

We will continue to keep everyone updated with how Flexi is progressing on this blog.

If you have any questions you can chat to with us in the in-app support or on Twitter at @cuvva.

Team member

Team member