Cuvva is rebranding

Cuvva is rebranding

We’re starting the new year completely fresh, not just by getting back on track with healthy eating but by going through a whole rebranding process at Cuvva HQ.

Why the rebranding?

We’re not going quite as far as changing our name but we are looking to change the way we communicate our brand, from our logo all the way to the website.

Cuvva’s initial branding was done back in 2015 when it was merely an idea shared between friends in a bar in Soho, London. Since then, the company has evolved leaps and bounds and we want our branding to reflect where we are now, to be something that will evolve with us as we grow.

The rebranding process

Over the last few months, we’ve had countless discussions internally about our core values and what we think the Cuvva brand represents. More importantly, we’ve received feedback from hundreds of people in our community to understand what your thoughts and feelings are. We wanted to learn how everyone else see’s us from an external perspective.

Interestingly, based on all of the information that we received some of the themes that you thought best represented the Cuvva brand were:

  • Flexible
  • Fair
  • Efficient
  • Liberating

Using these ideas we have teamed up with a branding agency to come up with a new brand position and a new visual identity.

Product names

Our community has brought up a great point we need to address regarding our new, upcoming product which is due to launch this month.

Until now we have called this product ‘Flexi’, for the simple fact that it will make car insurance flexible and put you back in control of your annual policy. You only pay as and when you need it. However, what became apparent when talking about it to users, is that the name was confusing – Cuvva is perceived to be flexible in general, therefore ‘Flexi’ doesn’t only apply to the ‘Flexi’ product.

Moreover, we call our current product Hourly but the Flexi product has an hourly element to it – this has the potential to really confuse people!

We’re going to be coming up with a better way to differentiate between the two and explain everything in a later blog post.

Over the next few days, we’d love to get your feedback and input on any suggestions you may have to help shape the Cuvva brand. Just get in contact via the in-app chat.