Customer service with a 1-minute response time, 365 days a year

Customer service in insurance isn't the best. That's why we want to offer support within 1-minute, every day of the year between 6am to 1am.
By Team member, 14/07/2017
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Let's be honest, customer service in the insurance industry isn't the best. If an insurer can't quote you then you may be left wondering why, as there is a huge lack of transparency. Usually customers spend more time waiting on hold than actually receiving customer service. It shouldn't be like this. Our goal is to be totally transparent, giving customers the attention and support they deserve.

Insurance is a complicated business. Although we would love to insure everyone, unfortunately that's not something we can currently do, due to underwriter restrictions. This is a big subject that we will cover in a separate blog post - coming soon. 😊

Typically, customers can only contact their insurance companies during normal working hours. One of the reasons why we started Cuvva was to make insurance more flexible - in every aspect - from the product to the customer service.

We want to break the mould and offer high quality support 7 days a week, with a near instant response time. 🕑

How our customer service works now...

All customer queries are handled via our in-app chat. This ensures the most efficient customer service, as it allows us to automatically connect to a customer's account in order to resolve the issue. By keeping all customer service within the chat, we are able to view conversation history, meaning that a customer should never have to have the same conversation twice - or be left waiting on hold for an answer! Furthermore, we are able to verify customer details quickly and update them in real time. Ultimately, the in-app chat allows us to provide a personal and tailored approach to the needs of each individual customer. 👥

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As it stands currently, we have a 3-minute median first response time between the hours of 8am-12:30am, every day of the year.

So what's changing?

Our goal is to be able to offer customer service with a 1 minute response time around the clock. ⏰

We are also working hard to improve our internal systems. These technical improvements will enable us to handle more support queries per support agent, whilst maintaining a high quality of response.

Although our customer support team is small at the moment we've started ramping up our hiring process, with a head of customer operations starting this month. 👏

The expansion of the team will allow us to edge closer to achieving our ultimate goal of a 1 minute median first response time.

We are always looking for ways to improve our customer service, so if you have any suggestions then please contact us via the in-app chat, as we'd love to hear them!

If you're passionate about helping people and want to help us build a world class customer service experience, then check out our current job openings.

(Note: since April 2022, we offer customer support between 6am and 1am every single day of the year, including Christmas)

Team member

Team member