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No hidden fees
We don't charge fees to change your details, or to cancel.
Manage your car in one place
Get covered, view your docs and chat to us - all in the app.
Earn a no-claims bonus
Build and use your no-claims bonus after 1 year.

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Here's what you're covered for with our monthly policies.

You and your stuff
Accident, theft, attempted theft, or fire
Loss or damage cover for your permanently fitted audio equipment
£100 for your stuff
Other drivers
Your legal liability to other people after an accident
Third party property damage up to £20m
60 days of comprehensive cover in Europe, (and minimum third-party cover after that)
Damage to the car
£40,000 maximum payout
Windscreen replacement
Adjustable excess

Who we cover

To use Cuvva you'll need:

To be over 19, and under 65
A GB driving licence
Access to a car that's less than 20 years old
A car that's worth less than £40,000

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