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Insuring a group 2 car
What affects insurance groups

All cars in the UK go in an insurance group. The groups range from 1 to 50.

These are the cars in group 2.

Car insurance group 2 cars: the big list

Make Model Year Engine size Door count
Citroen C1 Code 2008 1 litre 3 door
Citroen C1 Rhythm 2005-2008 1 litre 5 door
Citroen C1 Splash 2009-2010 1 litre 3 door
Citroen C1 Vt 2009 1 litre 3 door
Citroen C1 Vtr 2009 1 litre 3 door
Fiat Qubo Active -2008 1.4 litre 5 door
Nissan Pixo Acenta -2009 1 litre 5 door
Nissan Pixo Visia -2009 1 litre 5 door
Peugeot Partner Tepee Urban (90) 2008-2010 1.6 litre 5 door
Skoda Fabia Blueline (64) 2003 1.2 litre 5 door
Skoda Fabia Classic (54) 2003-2007 1.2 litre 5 door
Skoda Fabia Silverline (64) 2003 1.2 litre 5 door
Looking for insurance?

Group 2 cars are (usually) cheaper to insure

Generally, the higher the car insurance group, the more expensive it will be to insure. The cars listed above are all in group 2, which means they’re (relatively) pretty cheap to get insured.

If you’re buying a new car, you should check what insurance group it’s in. If it’s in a low group, you’ll know that you’ll (probably) get a cheaper car insurance quote than if it’s in a high insurance group.

This is true if you’re switching your insurance to another car, too. If you’re switching to a car in a higher insurance group, you might see your price go up a lot.

Sometimes, insurance companies won’t insure cars over a certain insurance group at all.

Cars are categorised into different insurance groups by Thatcham’s. Most insurance companies use the Thatcham’s rating, but some will have their own way of deciding the groups.

Check your car's insurance group

What affects your insurance group

There are lots of things that affect which insurance group a car goes in. Some of the main things are:

  • Performance: higher-spec cars with bigger engines tend to go in higher groups
  • Safety features: the safer a car is, the lower the insurance group
  • Cost of replacing parts: if car parts have to be imported, or if they’re really hard to get hold of, the insurance group might go up

You can check your car’s technical specs for free.

Cars in insurance group 2 are likely to have smaller, less powerful engines. They also tend to be commonly sold cars with plenty of cheap replacement parts on the market.

They probably have plenty of cutting-edge safety features, too. Especially if they’re new.

It's all about risk 🎲
Basically, car insurance groups come down to how much it will cost an insurance company there's a claim on the car. The more risk, the higher the group.

Updated on 17th November 2020

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