Dogs, data and dodgy lifts: my internship with Cuvva

Dogs, data and dodgy lifts: my internship with Cuvva

 Chevvron, our multi-lingual, multi-talented Product Marketing Intern, reflects on two months at Cuvva. Just don’t ask him how to work the lifts…

Let’s face it. Applying for summer internships can feel like it’s going on forever. Spending hours perfecting your CV, refreshing job portal sites and personalising your cover letter. Waiting for that one “Congratulations, you’re through to the next stage” email.  

For me, the hustle didn’t end there. Trying to get a marketing internship is even harder when you’re trying to convince companies to take a chance on someone studying German and Spanish. 

Tough as it’s been, my internship at Cuvva has made it all feel worth it.

My degree wasn’t questioned at any stage of the interview. I felt like Cuvva were more interested in finding someone with a passion for what they want to do. While I’ve been here I’ve met designers with psychology degrees, iOS Developers with management degrees… even Freddy, our CEO, studied Biology.

Modern languages and marketing: a surprisingly good fit! 🤔

Relating a Modern Languages degree to product marketing seems like a stretch, but in reality it isn’t. 

Marketing is a lot more than just producing content to entice potential customers. Cuvva has taught me that successful marketing is about really understanding the target audience – the ‘behind the scenes’ psychological analysis is something that I’ve grown a real passion for. 

So where does German and Spanish come into this? 

When learning a language, you gain an understanding into the culture, traditions, practices etc. You put yourself in the native speakers’ shoes – how they think and how they would react to a certain situation through their words alone.

And those are the same things you need to do when you work in marketing. You need to pay attention to how you communicate and make sure you understand and empathise with the person you’re talking to.

First day in a frozen lift 🚡

Mondays are never the best and my first day started off in the most ‘Chevvron’ way possible. 

I entered the building full of confidence, a quick “good morning” was echoed by the receptionist, and I was ready to make a good impression. The elevator dinged and it was all becoming more and more real. The lift doors closed and I was one step nearer to starting my first day at Cuvva. 

Two minutes later I was still inside the lift wondering if it had even moved. Another ding and the doors opened… but I was still on the same floor? 

As the guy walking into the lift saw me standing there like a lost little child, he gestured towards the receptionist while mumbling something about a pass… Great start, Chevvron. 

Other than that, my first day was better than I could have imagined! My desk was already set up and fully loaded with a MacBook Pro 💻, a super comfy Cuvva hoodie and some more Cuvva-esque merch – I had to take a pic!  

Two Cuvva-branded hoodies and an unopened MacBook Pro

But it doesn’t end there. I was then taken out for lunch by my team and had a buddy coffee with Ryan from the Data team. A buddy coffee allows you to meet other people who aren’t on your team who you otherwise might not spend much time with. We spoke about everything Cuvva and most importantly about each other and our interests.

It was great to be welcomed into a workplace where everyone is genuinely interested in you and what you have to offer. An office with free drinks, alcohol (after 5pm obvs), free brekkie on Friday, genuinely passionate staff and DOGS… what more could you want?  

Grace, a member of the team at Cuvva, holding a dog

So, did I just make coffee? ☕️

Surprisingly enough, I didn’t! (We have a coffee machine for that.)

Although I’ve only been here for a couple of months, I’ve tried my best to dip my toes into all things marketing. 

Working with words 📝

A big chunk of my time at Cuvva has been spent writing. I’ve written Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads, app copy (get the app if you haven’t already 😉), and blog posts (like the one you’re reading now).

I also dived into the world of social media. I’ve found influencers, set up a social media calendar, researched the best social media management tools and kept our channels up to date.

A big part of writing anything at Cuvva is learning the tone of voice. We have a bunch of principles and guidelines to help make sure everything we write sounds like us. That includes everything from the copy on the website, to our chats with customers, to the release notes when we send out a new version of the app.

Understanding our customers 💭

Another big part of the job has been managing and replying to customer feedback. That’s included the App Store, the Play Store and Trustpilot.

It also includes managing our Net Promoter Score (NPS), which can be a really effective way of understanding how customers feel about a product.

The technical stuff 🛰

Then there are the more technical aspects of marketing that I’ve gotten to grips with, like PPC and SEO, and the platforms marketing teams use to manage all their different channels. 

I also worked on problems that have been affecting our customers – like referral links not working. This gave me the chance to talk to backend engineers and the Customer Operations team (COps) – who both showed me a bit about their working worlds.

Working in insurance? 😬

At first, I was put off by the fact that Cuvva’s an insurance company. And I even said so in my application. To me, working in insurance just sounded boring and formal. A bit of a grey blob of an industry.

But that means there’s an opportunity for things to change. And Cuvva is here to change it. There’s a genuine commitment to treating customers – and staff – really well. It’s a long way from the normal idea people have of insurance.

So what’s next? ✈️

I’ve been working here for a couple of months now and I’m definitely not ready to leave. But winter is coming and the end is nigh. 😞

I’ve got my year abroad coming up in Hamburg, as part of my degree, where I’ll be working for 6 months in marketing (of course) for a travel company. And I’ll keep running Oxbricks, which recruits Oxford and Cambridge students to offer affordable online tutoring. 

I’ve learned a lot at Cuvva that will help me with all these projects. The internship has without a doubt packed me full of innovative ideas, adaptable skills and essential knowledge. It’s made me even more eager to have a career in this field. I really cannot wait to get started and I hope that this won’t be the last time Cuvva sees my face. (Editor’s note: We hope so too.)