We've stopped offering taxi insurance

Taxi insurance is no more. From August 2020, we're officially stopping taxi insurance.
By Team member, 18/01/2018
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This is an old post. From August 2020, we won't be selling taxi insurance any more.

Why taxi?

Over the last 7 years, the taxi industry has changed dramatically with the introduction of on-demand services like Uber and Gett. Gone are days of taxis driving around looking for fares or people standing in the rain waving their arms in the hope that one will drive past. Now you simply open an app and the taxi (or fare) comes to you. These services have popularised private hire drivers and lowered the barriers to becoming one. Since 2011, the number of private hire-licensed drivers in England has increased by almost 40%. What hasn't changed are the insurance policies, which are predominantly still sold in an annual format. Currently, drivers wanting to drive part-time are often burdened with expensive annual policies they don't need or use. We don't think this is fair and want to build a more flexible, short-term insurance product where drivers can quickly and easily switch on the necessary insurance when they're working and switch it off when they're not.

How does it work?

The taxi product functions very similarly to our other products: everything can be done via the app, including sign-up (more on that later). Once approved, you will be able to purchase short-term private hire insurance from 1-4 days. To get insured, you simply get a quote via the app and purchase. The policy will start instantly, so you only need to purchase when you're ready to work. Initially, we are only offering fully comprehensive insurance and will only be able to insure private hire and dual licence holders. However, if the trial proves successful then we plan to offer third-party-only cover too. We also hope to be able to offer a wider range of time periods.

Are there any restrictions?

As with any insurance policy, we have some rules and restrictions around the product. Please make sure you read these thoroughly before applying. To use Cuvva taxi you need:
  • A full UK licence issued by the DVLA (held for at least 5 years)
  • A private hire or dual licence
  • To be between 25-70 years old
  • To have been a permanent resident of the UK for at least 5 years
  • To be the vehicle owner (i.e. no fleet or hire cars)
  • A private hire licensed vehicle, which:
  • Must not be licensed to carry more than 4 passengers
  • Can be up to 15 years old
  • Is worth between £1,500-£20,000
  • Is not imported

Please note, you are responsible for ensuring that your insurance is compliant with your licensing authority. You may need to check that they allow for short-term private hire insurance.

If you have any questions then please get in contact via the in-app chat. However, we may only be able to respond to taxi specific questions between 10am-6pm, Monday-Friday. If you contact us outside of those hours then we will provide a full respond the next working day. Of course, we plan to expand those hours as the trial progresses.

How do I sign up?

If you're interested in trying out our taxi product then download Cuvva (link below), create an account and enter the registration plate of the vehicle you want to insure. From there, you'll see a taxi option at the bottom of the screen where you can apply.

It is important to note that this a trial and each application is reviewed manually, so it might take a few days for your application to be approved. However, we are aiming to respond within 24hrs. Once you are approved, you simply open Cuvva and you'll be able to purchase on your nominated vehicle.

Download now

We are really excited to about Cuvva taxi and want to know what you think. If you have any thoughts or feedback then please let us know via the in-app chat.

Team member

Team member