Add another driver and protect your no claims bonus

With our premium named driver policy, both you and your additional driver get to build up a no claims bonus. And we’ll protect it, even if the other driver has an accident or makes a claim. Now that’s what we call fair.
illustration of boy and girl sharing a car

There’s no risk to your no claims bonus

If someone on your policy has an accident or needs to make a claim, we’ll handle it. And better still, it won’t affect your own no claims bonus. Phew.
illustration of steering wheel

Split the cost and save money

Add as many named drivers to your insurance policy as you want. And split the cost each month however you decide – it’s up to you who pays what.
one hand giving keys to another hand

All drivers build up a no claims bonus

Why should the main policy holder be the only one who gets to build up a no claims bonus? With our premium policy, named drivers can too. Hooray!
illustration of steering wheel

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Perfect for households who want to share the family car, friends who live together, new drivers who don't have a car, or even sharing a car with your neighbours.