82% of Cuvva users polled say they get cheaper car insurance with our monthly subscription

We all love cheaper car insurance! So it’s great to hear that 82% of our Cuvva subscription customers who responded to our recent survey said they are saving money on their policy.
By Team member, 24/08/2022
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We’re a pretty modest bunch here at Cuvva but we still think it’s important to shout about good news. 🥳

And there’s no better news than the fact almost 82% of Cuvva subscription customers say they are saving money on their car insurance with our monthly policy!

We recently chatted to a bunch of customers (more than 300 of you lovely people!) to understand how Cuvva subscription is supporting your car insurance needs.

We were chuffed to hear just how much you said you're saving with Cuvva, especially while everything else gets more expensive with the cost of living skyrocketing. We understand that saving is more important now than ever.

322 people responded to our survey about Cuvva subscription (our pay-monthly car insurance with no nasty fees, APRs, deposits or tie-ins). A huge majority (87%) said they saw Cuvva as their long-term car insurance solution.

Here’s why.

Saving money on your car insurance

Cuvva wants to give everyone affordable access to a car anytime, anywhere - so we could not be happier to see how many people say they are saving money with our monthly subscription policy.

Cuvva’s subscription car insurance is perfect for those trying to make the most of their money - and the numbers don’t lie! Of our customers surveyed:

  • 81.7% said they are saving money on their car insurance by using Cuvva
  • 42.9% said they are saving up to £100 per year
  • 22.1% said they are saving between £101 and £200 per year
  • 5% said they are saving between £201 and £300 per year
  • 3.3% said they are saving between £301 and £400 per year
  • 1.7% said they are saving between £401 and £500 per year
  • 5.6% said they are saving more than £500 per year

Flexible car insurance with rolling monthly payments, no APRs and no deposits

We get it. Not everyone can afford the upfront cost of annual car insurance. And not everyone wants to be tied into an annual contract. People use Cuvva for lots of different reasons.

When we asked our customers what they liked about our subscription cover, it was clear our flexibility and customer-first approach was a major reason.

Here were their five favourites:

  • 14.1% - flexible and convenient monthly policies and payments
  • 11.2% - no deposits
  • 9.7% - free cancellations, anytime
  • 9.2% - buy and manage policies from an app
  • 8.4% - more control over their car insurance

Cuvva reviews

Oh, go on then. One last bit of self-publicity.

Here’s what our lovely customers had to say when given the floor when we asked them why they decided to sign up for Cuvva’s subscription service in the first place:

  • 'Long-term customer so when the option to build no claims came about, I didn’t hesitate!'
  • 'High street insurance companies have had a monopoly for too long'
  • 'Chop and change cars'
  • 'Bad experience with others'
  • 'I had a good deal and worked for me due to my financial situations'
  • 'I couldn't afford other insurance companies' deposits'
  • 'I love doing everything via my phone. It’s accessible and easy. Also, I got a new car and wanted a new kind of insurance. Also, I’m an investor'
  • 'Trying to get fairer insurance and be able to track my driving style'
  • 'While all other insurance companies offer a discounted deal to get you to sign up, then the next year almost double your premium, you reduce the monthly payments if you drive well. And you are quite clear about the costs involved'

Interested in joining the revolution and seeing what you might save?

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