Cuvva open API

In order to seamlessly sell millions of policies per year, we’ve built robust technical systems that handle the registration of new drivers, validation of their identity and entitlement to drive, as well as quote generation using a set of full-stack rating models. We’re now opening this system up to developers and partners who are looking to facilitate insurance sales through Cuvva. With the Cuvva API you can:

  • Register and validate drivers who hold DVLA-issued licences
  • Generate and serve quotes for fully-comprehensive insurance to registered drivers for any period (currently limited to between 30 minutes and 28 days)
    • These can include provisional licence holders (learners)
    • Quotes can be generated for policies covering private cars, taxis and some commercial vehicles (vans)
  • Sell policies against any quote generated
    • Built-in payment processing that reduces client-money compliance requirements

If you would like to use our API to play around with your own Cuvva account, you are free to do so at any time. Don’t do anything with anyone else’s account until we’ve given you the go-ahead, as you could technically be performing a regulated activity without permission (the FCA isn’t keen on that!)

If you have any trouble, please contact support (in-app or on If you come across any security issues, please report them on our HackerOne page and we will respond promptly. If you’re building a service that requires an insurance layer, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch

Example uses

Courier companies

Courier companies may wish to insure their drivers on company vehicles. With the Cuvva API they could automatically insure their drivers in accordance with driver scheduling. They could also buy insurance on-the-day in response to availability changes, or even last minute in emergencies.

P2P platforms

Car (or even van) sharing schemes could use the Cuvva API to instantly and reliably insure any driver on any vehicle on their platform. The costs could be built into their fees automatically or sold as an add-on.


Fleet operators could use the Cuvva API to insure their vehicles for all relevant drivers – only for the periods where use is needed. Costs can be borne by the operators or the drivers individually.

Cuvva for underwriters

Cuvva has been built from the ground up to support multiple underwriters for all the insurance products we sell, allowing our systems to select the underwriter to best serve our customers in any situation. While we are continuously expanding our portfolio of supported underwriters, we welcome enquiries from new underwriters looking for an active, customer-focused broker with world-leading NPS scores.

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